In addition to writing Self-Funding of Health Care Benefts, Self-Funding Actuarial’s Carlton Harker has published many helpful articles on self-funding and actuarial support services.

Self-Funding of Health Care Benefits

This text was considered the definitive work on self-funded health care benefits for over 30 years and is still a valuable resource today.

About the Text

This book provides all of the parties to a self-funded health care plan the information needed to make informed decisions. Comprehensive and insightful, the manual covers every aspect that plan sponsors, attorneys and other professionals need to consider when establishing or maintaining a plan. A finely tuned index helps readers pinpoint information easily. This includes sample plan documents and booklets, a state survey of self-funding law and other useful links to plan-related items. Carlton Harker. International Foundation. 643 pages. 2003. Version 5 – 2015.


About the Author

Carlton Harker’s book offers expertise and insight into self-funding.  A practitioner who  served as a consultant, an insurance company employee, a risk manager, a marketer, a founder of a TPA and an actuary, he was actively involved with health care plans from the 1950s until the present decade. During his life he was  a fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a member of the American Academy of Actuaries and president of Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc.  The 5th edition of Self-Funding of Health Care Benefits reflects Mr. Harker’s years of varied experience in all aspects of self-funded health care plans.

Self-Funding of Health Care Benefits | 5th Edition

This text, by Carlton Harker, is the definitive work on self-funded health care benefits.