The COBRA Rates Annual Actuarial Report provides an actuarial opinion with respect to either single or multiple risk pools for the purpose of computing both recommended funding factors and the COBRA premium. Non-certified claims reserves are used in the development thereof and should not be used for any other purpose. This report makes provisions for:

  1. Multiple participant classes (actives, COBRAs, retirees, salaried v. hourly, etc.)
  2. Multiple benefit options (platinum, gold and silver, e.g.)
  3. Multiple benefits (medical, Rx, dental, vision, STD, e.g.)

The Report Format is standard as well as the Requisite Data to complete the Report.  The typical work procedure involves the receipt by fax or e-mail of 3-4 items of information and a 1-3 day turnaround time.  Fax return on request is available.

These items include the following:

  • Report Format
  • General Commentary on COBRA Premiums
  • COBRA Premiums by Attained Age (Optional)
  • COBRA Premiums by Geographical Area (Optional)
  • Requisite Data and Work Terms
  • Compelling Reasons to Use the Annual Actuarial Report.

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