Providing a wide range of actuarial and risk management services (information as well as task-specific) to anyone interested in the HSA Model

HSA Planning is devoted to the proposition that most employers should consider offering either (a) a multiple choice plan where each participant may elect a HDHP with several deductibles or (b) an HSA option to its existing traditional plan with a HDHP deductible of $2600 plus 50% of the next $4,800, e.g.

Actuarial management is needed with HSAs in these ways:

  1. Repricing the HDHP because of the requisite benefit changes (removal of the deductibles, e.g.).
  2. Determining the employer HSA contribution amount so as to meet predetermined targeted plan costs.
  3. Rethinking several issues newly introduced by the risk-bifurcation between the HDHP and the HSA:
    – New stop-loss terms
    – Increased role of risk management
    – Greater relative role of network
  4. Measuring anti-selection
  5. Pooled risk (association plans, e.g.).



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