Self-Funding Actuarial offers expert witness services to cases which are either risk or actuarial in nature.

  • Services include: consulting, affidavit-writing, opinion-writing and testifying (deposition or trial)
  • Primary emphases are on both Industry Practices and Quantifications (i.e., model building).
  • Risks are those cited in ERISA as Welfare Benefits.
  • Engagements may be by either plaintiff or defendant and need not be litigation-related.
  • Industry practices include marketing, rating, underwriting, claims processing, record-keeping, administration, money-handling, compliance, managed care, etc.
  • All funding models are included:  self-funding, fully insured and HMO.
  • All vendor services are included:  stop-loss, PPO, PBM, etc.

The following due diligence items are provided:

  • Resume of Carlton Harker
  • Display of prior engagements (available upon request)
  • Listing of publications, articles, etc.
  • Fees and terms of engagement
  • Topic-related Web Sites maintained by this firm include:

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